“Car Transport, Why Would I Need That?”

This is one of the most common questions people have when they first hear about car transport services. After all, The US has plenty of scenic drives and good interstate systems, why should they ship a car? The best answer: it all comes down to the type of car you have, and why you’re headed to your destination. You may not see a need to ship your daily driver, but not many people want to take their Lamborghini for a long drive. On the other hand, a mom or dad sending their child to college across the country probably don’t want them driving to get there, but may want them to have a car. Let’s look at 6 reasons people choose to ship a car:

There are many reasons someone might relocate across the country. The 4 main reasons for most people are a new job, going off to college, military PCS, and winter vacation. Sometimes people also ship a car after purchasing new or have a car that isn’t made for long drives.

Job Relocation

After going through a lengthy interview process, you accept the new job on the opposite coast. Now you have the task of figuring out how to get there. Although a cross-country drive sounds relaxing before starting a new job, there are a few things you should consider. Do you want to spend the extra time and money on hotels and food? If you have a family, will they share your excitement for the drive? Wouldn’t you rather spend that time getting settled into your new home? You might also think selling your car would be easier. Think about this: you have to get the car sold before you leave, and even then, have to find a new one when you get to your new place. Unless you’ve been in the market and know what you’re looking for, why waste the extra time? Relocating can be stressful enough, don’t add to it. By shipping your car, you save the hassle of the drive, add time to your relocation, and don’t have to worry about the extra costs, including any maintenance that may need to be done after the trip.

“Unless you’ve been in the market and know what you’re looking for, why waste the extra time?”

Moving to College

Your high school senior has just accepted by the college of their dreams – across the country. Rather than having them drive all that way by themselves, putting the miles and wear on their vehicle, you decided to fly them out. Unfortunately, you don’t want to leave them stranded without a car. Instead of driving it yourself, you do some research and find an auto transport company to help you with shipping a car across the country, safe and sound. You save time and money as well as having peace of mind for your teenager.

Military Move

You’ve chosen the career path of the military. You love all the traveling but hate all the moving. Driving across the country, or even arranging to get across the ocean to Hawaii. Luckily, one of your buddies recommends the car transporter company they use for all their PCS. They know the best way for shipping a car to Hawaii. They even work with the ever-changing schedule of military moves. It’s made your PCS orders just a little bit easier.

Heading South for Retirement

You’ve worked hard all your life, commuting to a job, working long hours, and providing for your family. Now, you’re getting ready to start your retirement. You’re ready for a bit slower pace, and warmer climates in the winter. After years of sitting in that car for a long commute to and from an office, driving your car south doesn’t sound very relaxing. After asking for some advice from other snowbirds in the same area, you’ve found they have their cars shipped with the same auto transport company. This not only sounds more appealing but means you’ll get more time to spending driving on the golf course than on the interstate.

Buying a New Car

You’ve decided it’s time to buy a new car. This time around, you’ve got a list of features and specifics you are searching for. After looking at the local dealerships, you’ve come up empty-handed. You start looking on car buying sites and find a perfect car – 3 states away. Even with that fact, you don’t want your perfect car to get away. You figure if car dealerships have cars shipped, there’s probably a way to get your car transported. With a quick Google search, you find that in fact, you can ship your car. A few fast phone calls to get some quotes and set up a shipment, and before you know it, the perfect car is finally yours, thanks to a reliable auto transport company.

Exotic Cars and Auto Shows

If there’s one thing you don’t do with a Lamborghini, it’s driving it cross country. The same would go for most auto show cars as well. People in these circles know the only way to show off their cars around the country isn’t hauling them in their own trailers, but hiring an enclosed car shipping company. Whether it’s shipping a car across the country or to the next state over for the next auto show, they know the right professional knows how to transport their babies right. So whether it’s a Ferrari or Jaguar, antique or classic show car, let the car shipping professionals handle getting it there for you.

“If there’s one thing you don’t do with a Lamborghini, it’s driving it cross country.”

Advantages of Car Transport

Besides the type of car you have or reason to have a car shipped, there can also be advantages to shipping a car. For instance, it’s obvious that driving your vehicle normally adds wear and tear. Why add extra maintenance from a long trip? For starters, you’d have to change your oil sooner, get a dent or scratch from road debris, or even tire replacement from a flat or tread wear. If you have a family, you could have extra wear and tear on the inside. Stains from drinks or food scratches from shoes, bags, or other items you pack. The worst kind of wear: fatigue. Whether it’s you or the family, traveling by car is long and exhausting!

Speaking of travel time, there’s always more needed when you drive yourself. Whether it’s to a new home, vacation home, or auto show, the time you have is fleeting. Why spend the time driving when you can have someone else handle the car transport? Why spend that time in a car when you can use it to get settled into your new place, get the car properly polished, or get in an extra round of golf? Adding more time to your travel can also add more stress to your trip, too. This can come in the form of extra expenses or just boredom (especially from children).

A soft side car transport with the sides open to load or unload.
Next to why you should ship is the question of cost: “Won’t it cost more to ship?” When you get your first quote, you might think this, but let’s break down the cost of driving yourself. First, there are hotel rooms for each night you’re on the road, then eating for at least 2 meals a day or buying food to eat on the road (including snacks), fuel, and finally maintenance from wear and tear or if you break down. These expenses could easily add up to the same cost as shipping a car.

Next time don’t ask why or how much, but what is the value of car transport services. Whether the answer is time, money, or peace of mind, it never hurts to have the option. With a little research, you could simplify the way you buy a car, vacation, or move across the country.

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